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Press release:

Acquisition of Gebo BV makes MBI biggest importer of Italian ceramic tiles

Acquisition strengthens market leadership


On 1 February 2022, MBI BV – from Veghel-Meijerijstad – announced its acquisition of Gebo Groothandel & Agenturen (Gebo BV). This company, which is based in Ede in Gelderland, is part of the Eurovite Group. The acquisition of Gebo’s activities fits in well with strategic developments at MBI. On the one hand, MBI sees the major synergy benefits to be achieved from the central storage and distribution of its trade products; these activities are currently being carried out at the production location in Kampen. On the other hand, MBO recognises the many expansion opportunities that exist in the market for indoor and outdoor ceramic tiles.


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MBI Aesthetic Outdoor Solutions supplies wall and floor tiles to specialist tile and sanitary businesses in the Netherlands. As a distributor we deliver from Ede in the centre of the Netherlands. As an agent we deliver directly from the factory in Southern Europe to the dealer in the Netherlands.

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Agencies and brands

As an agency business we represent famous European brands specifically from Italy, Spain and Portugal. Our customers can do business directly with our factories via our agencies. Read more>

MBI De Steenmeesters assortiment

tile: Azuma AZMA 90AG
factory: Imola
style: Concrete

MBI De Steenmeesters assortiment

tile: Stoncrete STCR 90G
factory: Imola
style: Concrete


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MBI De Steenmeesters assortiment

tile: Wood Side Oak
factory: Kronos
style: Wood

MBI De Steenmeesters assortiment

tile: Carrière du Kronos Gent
factory: Kronos
style: Rustic

MBI De Steenmeesters assortiment

tile: Le Reverse Antique Dune
factory: Kronos
style: Vintage

‘Terrazza’ is the new outdoor range from MBI Aesthetic Outdoor Solutions. An entirely new branch from the trunk of our “Tile Tree’.

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Besides wall and floor tiles and mosaics, MBI Aesthetic Outdoor Solutions supplies a very comprehensive and compact range of tile adhesives and associated construction ... Read more>

MBI De Steenmeesters retailformules

We provide various retail formulas with ‘Ceramic Visions’ and ‘Imola’ that are displayed by selected dealers throughout the Netherlands, often in combination with custom-made shop-in-shop displays via our own make and install service.

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MBI De Steenmeesters kopersbegeleiding
MBI De Steenmeesters kopersbegeleiding

We provide buyer support for small and large construction projects, applying our specific experience to good effect. Read more>

Who will you deal with at Gebo?

Peter van den Maagdenberg

Algemeen Directeur

06 - 22556439

Liliana Lino

Sales Manager

06 - 54981136

Marcel Molenaar

Sales Manager

06 - 18498253

Indrawati Blackman - van de Beek

Customer Care Manager

06 - 24981528

Rob Fransen

New Development Manager

06 - 21510050

Lisanne Cornelisse

Purchasing manager

06 - 44027904

Stijn Groot

Operations Manager

06 - 54981141

Agnieszka van Ooijk

Purchasing agent

0318 - 698596

Eva van Ingen

Customer Care

0318 - 698585

Kim de Kraker

Customer Care

0318 - 698585

Wouter van Rest

Customer Care

0318 - 698585

Jessie de Haan

Customer Care

0318 - 698585

Mark Schoon

Sales South Netherlands

06 - 53257409

Joris Klein-Holte

Sales Eastern Netherlands

06 - 22460086

Rachel Gundelach

Projecten / Kopersbegeleiding

06 - 54981140 of 06 - 24284584

Jaimey Waegemans

Kopersbegeleiding / Showroombegeleiding

06 - 54981135