CeraVision® is our own brand label, carefully curated by our experts in six different style groups. This ensures that there is something suitable for everyone. CeraVision® has been developed to support the trade and customer in choosing tiles based on style. This simplifies and speeds up the sales process, so that the customer walks away satisfied with his choice. We achieved this by creating six style groups, each with a unique atmosphere and style. Our CeraVision® collection is centrally stored in our warehouse in Ede, the Netherlands. You can see the different style groups below, from Timeless Natural to Industrial Urban. Read more about the style groups below.

Timeless Natural


Emphasizes simplicity, minimalism and a connection with natural elements such as natural stone and calm wood looks.

Playful Colors


Vibrant colours, mosaics and striking wall decor. This style group offers the option to accentuate with colors.

Modern Country Living


A mix of modern and rural charm. Create the warm and homely feeling with various robust wood looks and natural stone tiles.

Industrial Urban


Bold industrial styles come to life with concrete looks, leather textures and metal looks. Bring the urban atmosphere from the outside in.

Trendy Chic


New and classic meet in this style. Where marble luxury is combined with contemporary elements. This is the current trend!

Basic Essentials


Embraces simplicity and functionality for a sleek primary interior. Offers various options from simple concrete looks to basic white and black tiles.