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Besides wall and floor tiles and mosaics, Gebo Groothandel & Agenturen supplies a very comprehensive and compact range of tile adhesives and associated construction products from the exclusively distributed Foby Plus brand: www.fobyplus.nl. With, among other things, tile clips for a consistent finish and corner profiles of the equally famous German brand Dural. Here Foby Plus Multiplaat is a supplementary construction panel with which tile projects can be completed faster and more easily. Indispensable materials for the professional tiler who wishes to deliver quality work quickly and efficiently.

product: Tile profiles

product: Foby+ Multiplaat 2600x600x20mm
application: Foby+ Multi sheet is an ideal construction material for bathrooms, toilets and other rooms that you want to tile.

product: Foby+ Multiplaat Hoekprofiel 2600x150x150x20mm

product: Foby+ Multiplaat Toiletplaat 1200x1500x20mm

product: Foby+ Tegelreiniger 1ltr
application: Foby+ Tegelreiniger removes cement residues, rust and limescale stains on tiles and sanitary ware.

product: Foby+ Projectpasta 20kg
application: Foby+ Projectpasta is suitable for bonding wall tiles, mosaics and similar materials to almost all stone and plaster-based substrates and wooden walls.

product: Foby+ Silicone NO 310ml
application: Foby+ Sillicone NO is ideally suited for applications in showers, bathrooms, toilets and other wet areas.

product: Foby+ Afdichtpasta 5kg
application: Foby+ Afdichtpasta provides waterproof seals to corner joints, pipe penetrations and drainage outlets in bathrooms.

product: Foby+ Uitvlakmortel Pro 25kg

product: Foby+ Egaline Pro 25kg
application: Foby+ Egaline Pro is suitable for levelling and repairing rough concrete floors and indoor cement screeds.

product: Foby+ Flexmortel 25kg
application: Foby+ Flexmortel allows you to bond ceramic wall and floor tiles (including porcelain stoneware), mosaics and natural stone to practically any substrate.

product: Foby+ Voegenbreed 30kg
application: Use Foby+ Voegenbreed for joint widths between 2 to 20 mm. The grout works perfectly on dimensionally stable substrates, indoors (also in damp rooms) and in combination with floor heating systems.

Foby+ Multiplaat instructional videos

Mounting Multiplaat on a wooden frame

Mounting Multiplaat on an uneven wall

Mounting Multiplaat on existing tiles

Mounting Multiplaat on bricks / blocks

Multiplaat toilet conversion

Foby+ Tegellevelling system instructional videos

Tile levelling for wall tiles

Tile levelling with floor tiles

Removing tile levelling clips